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Kahl home designs and drafting LLC is a local small business new to the market specializing in design, drafting, consulting and project management services for home owners looking for assistance in a home renovation project, new home design and construction, and independent contractors looking for drafting and/or design solutions for their personal clients. 

We value personal customer relationships and strive to be one of the most cost effective solutions in the residential design industry. 

Everyday, homeowners and home buyers spend thousands of dollars on professional architect services that have very high costs due to large staffing and architect liscencing and certifications. Most people don't realize that these same exact services can be accomplished by building designers at half the cost but the same amount of experience, professionalism and knowledge. 

The kahl home designs team not only has the educational background and commitment to the job, but also has the field experience and knowledge of what goes into every step of building a home from the foundation to roof and everything in between. This knowledge and experience is what makes us great at communicating every aspect of a project and helps us manage home construction and renovation projects so the customers can have peace of mind and less stress knowing that they have the professional help and dedication of Kahl home designs and drafting services with them every step of the way guiding them from the initial design process, through the construction phase and into their new dream home.

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